Client Information

A woman explaining something to two business professionals Does my company qualify for an Advisory Board?
  • 2 years experience
  • $300k + in revenue
  • Ability and willingness to create change
  • Open to critical thinking
  • Able to commit 15+ hours per quarter
  • If your business does not qualify for an Advisory Board alternative assistance is available at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at
How long does it take to get a board?

It varies from 4-12 weeks. The time is spent:

  • finding volunteers that match the expertise your company needs
  • conducting the face-to-face introductory meetings
  • scheduling a mutually agreed upon time for the first board meeting
How long is the board assigned to my company?

Generally, board assignments last 12-18 months. However, each board and company will be reviewed periodically and may be left in place indeterminately.

Who is assigned to my board?

Your Advisors are selected to bring expertise that your company and/or management does not have. These needs are determined during your initial interview with the Program Manager. Your input regarding the type of people, expertise and working styles is valuable. Ultimately, the company selects who sits on their board after interviewing the volunteer candidates.

May I select my own Advisors?

While the Council will assign volunteers for you to interview, you can suggest people whom you feel would want to participate. All advisors must complete an application and work through the Council program. If you have someone you would like to "recruit," the Program Coordinator will make contact and request their participation on your behalf.

Client orientation.

The Program Manager will meet with you to explain the program and ensure that your needs are understood in order to select the appropriate advisors for your board.

How do I apply?

To obtain a application form, click on Forms on this page to use the downloadable Client or Volunteer Application Forms; complete the form(s) and email to: or mail to:

Seminole Advisory Board Council
Attn: Jolene Hale
Seminole State College Center for Business Development at Heathrow
1055 AAA Dr.
Heathrow, FL 32746


Is there an application deadline?

No. The Council is always accepting applications from both companies and volunteers.

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  • Seminole State College of Florida
  • Seminole County Florida